Is there a cost-effective way to setup a windows 10 pro instance on GCP?

In the GCP environment officially unavailable to spin-up windows 10 pro instances on their pre-build images category. When I was getting this requirement from the client; I was decided to research this requirement. When I was researching I found there’s different way to do it.

We can simply setup a windows 10 pro instance on azure side; then we can peer that azure vpc to gcp vpc through vpn tunnel. To check the connectivity whether its working or not;

We can setup an instance on gcp and ping our windows 10 pro instance private ip address.

Ref: Cloudy with a chance of Big Data

We can RDP to Win 10 pro instance that we created and ping to private ip of the gcp sample instance that we created in the above. If you got this kind a response; Congratulations!! All good to go.

In the below; I’ll share reference blog I found based on this research. Thank you & Stay Safe!

Reference Blog; Every step you need to follow mentioned here ->



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